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Benefits of Automated Cylindrical Finishing

Advantages of incorporating automated cylindrical grinding into your manufacturing process include:

  • Longer life span
  • Faster loading times
  • No resetting equipment
  • Better with fragile materials
  • Tighter tolerances and no deflections
  • Smoother finishes and straighter lines
  • Higher production rates for high volumes

The process of loading and unloading pieces is automatic, increasing your output and efficiency and leading to a continuous flow of grinding. Since you don’t have to reset each part manually, an automated machine can push out high-volume material requests with accuracy and speed. You also don’t have to reset the entire machine since the cylindrical grinding operation can finish a full run to save you time and labor costs. Once you have everything set, you won’t have to intervene until the next project calls for different specs.

These automated systems are also advantageous in maintaining tight dimensional tolerances. Since the wheels support the workpiece, there is no material deflection, allowing you to work with heavier pieces.

Finally, automatic cylindrical grinders have a wide processing range that allows them to work on cylindrical and odd shapes as well as less durable materials. Because the regulatory and grinding wheels place no additional pressure on the material, the machine is suitable for working with brittle, soft and fine materials through low tension.

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